UUMM ~ Methodist Men

Unity United Methodist Men’s Fellowship


This is a great group of men. Each month they meet for breakfast in the Harvest Center. They use this time to eat, fellowship and make plans for a work day the following weekend.

Our men are extremely active in our church and with each other. What a joy to see the various generations spend time together. This not only makes our church strong but makes our men strong. They take yearly retreats to different locations; this year they will be traveling to Black Mountain.

The South is known for the wonderful aroma of  BBQ and our neighborhood is no exception! Each year, the sweet scent of barbecued  pork lingers in the air as the men smoke pork butts for hours upon hours to sell .   They use the proceeds raised from these events, to do repairs to the church. Sometimes their hearts are moved to support other worthy causes with these monies.


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