Lumberton, NC

October 9, 2016:

  • credit: Mike Spencer, AP
  • credit: Mike Spencer, AP
  • credit: Mike Spencer, AP
  • credit: Mike Spencer, AP

Governor McCrory, addressing reporters in Raleigh on Monday, said a levee breach before dawn had endangered about 1,500 residents in Lumberton.

“Floodwaters are rising very quickly,” said Mr. McCrory, who added that water was knee-deep in many places. “We do have people on the roofs as we speak, and we have a lot of helicopters and boats that have been deployed that are, at this point in time, rescuing them.”

Mr. McCrory also reported 10 fatalities in North Carolina, raising Hurricane Matthew’s death toll in the United States to at least 21. At least 1,400 people have been rescued since Hurricane Matthew struck the state.


October 12, 2016:

“Sadly, the poorest of the poor in North Carolina are the ones who are being hurt the most by these floods,” Gov. Pat McCrory said Thursday. “Some of these people have nothing. They are sitting in high school gyms with their whole families.”

April 30 to May 6,2017:

Our Mission Team goes to help in any manner we can… so much to do after such devastation.

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