Unity United Methodist Church
8605 Unity Church Road
Kannapolis NC 28081

  • 704-932-7605

Office Hours

  • Monday-Thursday 8:30am-1:00pm

Mobile Meals
Harvest Center

  • 704-932-7607



  1. Years ago, my dad would take us to a small white church for a family reunion. I believe that it was on Unity Church road. The church had graveyard in the back with lots of our family graves. Davis and Rogers were the family last names. Is this the same church and if so is the old white church building is still standing?

    • I’m sorry I didn’t notice this note earlier. Yes this is the same church. The Rogers family is still active. The church itself has changed quite a bit. I will follow up on this note with a little more information. Thanks & God bless, Mary

      • Thanks for replying. I would love to have more information. I would love to have a link to a picture of the little white church. I have a couple of really old pictures from reunions, if anyone is interested in having an electronic copy.

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